Oliver Griffel and Neilson Dental Centre

Dr. Oliver Griffel understands why a lot of people hesitate to go to the dentist for a check-up or procedure; it’s usually because of cost and fear. Dental procedures, or even simple routine check-ups, can put quite a dent on your budget. That is why people usually only go to the dentist when it’s absolutely necessary; that is, they’re in so much pain already that they have no other choice but to go to the dentist.

The second most common reason why people avoid dental clinics at all costs is fear. They’re afraid that the procedure will hurt, perhaps because of a previous experience that gave them trauma. These two common reasons are addressed by Dr. Oliver Griffel at his clinic, Neilson Dental Centre. He and his expert team of professional dental hygienists are not only highly trained in their field, but also take great care of their patients in such a way that each visit is a pleasant and even relaxing experience.

Image Source: vedantahospitals.com
Image Source: vedantahospitals.com

When you visit Neilson Dental Centre for the first time, you will immediately feel at ease because of its warm and friendly atmosphere. Add to this the fact that Dr. Griffel does his best to make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed once he or she comes in that sitting on the dental chair for the procedure is no longer a thing to be dreaded. It may be hard to imagine for someone who hasn’t been to the clinic, but you will actually look forward to going for regular dental check-ups once you’ve gone for the first time. And follow-up check-ups after a procedure may even be something to look forward to.

This isn’t something that you can readily say about dental clinics, but with Neilson Dental Centre taking care of your teeth, you wouldn’t think twice about going back for a routine check-up or procedure when the need arises.

For Dr. Oliver Griffel, comfort, affordability and exceptional service are what you need to bring back your winning smile. At Neilson Dental Centre, these are exactly what you’ll get.

Image Source: vitalonehealth.com
Image Source: vitalonehealth.com

Overcoming fear and trauma

Dr. Griffel is on a mission to remove the stigma often associated with dentists and dental clinics. Adults who fear going to the dentist may have had a traumatic experience as a child, and this trauma is carried on well into adulthood. It’s a sad and unfortunate fact, but it nevertheless should be addressed because it is happening everywhere.

It is for this reason that Dr. Griffel went to great lengths to establish a family-friendly clinic where both kids and adults will feel right at ease once they step inside Neilson Dental Centre. Dr. Griffel and his team take great care to talk to their young patients about the importance of taking care of their teeth and how it is the job of a dentist and a dental hygienist to make sure that their teeth are in perfect condition. Proper communication between dentist and patient is the key to removing the stigma and helping individuals overcome their fear of dentists and clinics.

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