Dr. Oliver Griffel Talks About the Common Causes of Bad Breath

Nothing can make you feel more self-conscious than having bad breath. When you are aware that you have bad breath, you’re afraid to open your mouth to talk to the person in front of—or next to—you. But some people are not even aware that they have bad breath. Here, Dr. Oliver Griffel talks about the two most common causes of bad breath that aren’t related to any type of medical condition.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have bad breath, try placing your hand over your mouth and nose and then breathe out with your mouth open. If you detect an unpleasant odor, then it’s most likely that you do have bad breath. It may be chronic, or it may just be because of something you just ate. In any case, here are the two top habits that cause bad breath: smoking and poor oral hygiene.

Image Source: mcrhs.org
Image Source: mcrhs.org

How does smoking cause bad breath?

There are two main reasons why smoking causes bad breath. First, the chemicals contained in cigarettes can cause unpleasant odors. Every time you smoke, these chemicals (tar and nicotine) build up in the mouth and can stick on your teeth, gums, tongue, and the insides of your cheeks.

The chemicals introduce bacteria into your mouth, and these bacteria can stick to the surfaces inside your mouth, which may also cause plaque formation. Unless they’re removed, the bacteria will thrive inside your mouth causing not only bad breath but other dental problems as well.

Smoking also causes the mouth to dry. Saliva naturally flushes your mouth, and when there’s not enough to move through the mouth, bacteria may once again appear. And bacteria, as mentioned above, can wreak havoc on your oral hygiene, causing not only bad breath but other dental issues as well.

Image Source: elmfamilydental.com
Image Source: elmfamilydental.com

Poor oral hygiene

In his years of practice, Dr. Oliver Griffel found that the most common reason for a number of dental problems in patients is poor oral hygiene. The mere act of skipping on regular brushing can present numerous problems. Build-up of food debris inside the mouth, particularly between your teeth, can damage the enamel, and if allowed to persist, can eventually lead to tooth decay.

Food debris, when allowed to stay and stick between the teeth, can cause bad breath for the mere reason that you have rotting food inside your mouth. But this isn’t the only reason why food debris causes bad breath. Sugars on your teeth can form into acids and may eventually cause the formation of plaque. The more plaque you have in your teeth, the more likely you are to develop bad breath.

As you can see, lifestyle habits are the most common causes of bad breath which aren’t related to any type of medical condition. Changing your habits will not only prevent numerous teeth and gum problems from occurring, but it will also prevent bad breath.

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